C.A.L.M's PROChange Initiative

We recognize that both life and choice are vital to the living experience of all humans. We provide counseling and services within our moral, ethical and professional capacities to individuals at a crossroads crisis, with unique “Pro-Change” options dedicated to facilitating a woman’s decisions about her body, her child and her life. For women at a crossroads crisis, we:

-Provide private CONFIDENTIAL counseling.
-Offer compassionate, non-judgmental support.
-Provide unbiased, non-persuasive options information.
-Assist in attaining availability of all proposed options.
-Maintain complete and whole CONFIDENTIALITY.
-Provide safe supportive accompaniment when required.


Family Services...
A Network of Love

C.A.L.M’s Family Service Initiative helps to ensure that families in crises can find support, relief and be, stay, or get back together. By offering services (within our moral, ethical, professional capacities) to families in crisis or distress, and by helping as a community, families have a better chance of healing and progressing together. For families in our community, we:

-Provide private CONFIDENTIAL Counseling
-Arrange for CONFIDENTIAL respite, temporary and  long term fostering arrangements with families within our community.
-Offer compassionate, non-judgmental support.
-Provide unbiased non-persuasive options information.
-Assist in attaining availability of all proposed options.
-Maintain complete and whole CONFIDENTIALITY.


There exists a philosophy which suggests that each of us is born unto the world with one wing, and that in order to fly, we must come together. We at C.A.L.M share this philosophy.

The One Wing League is C.A.L.M’s dedicated volunteer alliance. Our One Wing Leaguers (OWLs) participate in various forms of volunteering initiatives including fundraising endeavors, community service, and preparing and maintaining all Assembly functions. Our beloved OWLs are the individuals; members and non members alike, who give of themselves individually and collectively to help make things happen in our spiritual community, and help make the world a better place.

If you're looking to volunteer with an organization who will put your talents to truly good use, contact us, and we'll find something that's right for you!

Givers of Support

Our wellness volunteers are made up of qualified and verified authorities in their field who give of their time to help those seeking to help themselves in healing and recovery.

All wellness counselors are volunteers; we don't employ medical practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, coaches, mentors, group support facilitators or other “wellness” professionals.

HelpfulLinks to HelpfulPeople

C.A.L.M recognizes that even a little bit of help can go a very long way. Although we do our utmost to assist as many people as possible, the fact remains, some needs are better suited to professionals and organizations outside of our community. As such, for individuals with such needs, we're pleased to provide the following links to health and wellness organizations and professionals who may be able to assist.

Sobereignty: http://www.claudelavertu.com/Sobereignty.html

Slim & Trim Alliance: http://www.claudelavertu.com/Slim-TrimAlliance.html

Kids Help Phone: http://kidshelpphone.ca   1-800-668-6868 or if long wait time; text “CONNECT” to 686868

Barbara Schreiner Trudel: www.barbaraschreinertrudel.com
Counseling/Coaching & Consulting/Spiritual Support
Location: Toronto/Online & Telephone

Claude La Vertu Mentoring: www.claudelavertu.com
Mentoring/Counseling/Coaching/Consulting/Spiritual Support
Location: Montreal/Toronto/Online & Telephone

Versandra Kennebrew: www.versandrakennebrewintl.com
Coaching/Consulting/Massage Therapy & Teaching/Body Wellness
Location: Atlanta/Detroit/Online & Telephone