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Claude La Vertu
M   E   N   T   O   R   I   N   G
Helping professionals succeed through
Conscious Affirmative Living Mindset principles.
Throughout studying and researching religion, spirituality and science over several decades, I sought out a spiritual community where I could grow as much in commitment and discipline as in Conscious Affirmative Living. After not finding such a community, I sought to form one without creating another religion. I eventually uncovered that I was not to create a religion at all; I was simply to found a progressive, inclusive, spiritual community for everyone–no exceptions–where commitment, discipline, community and compassion were at the forefront of our united mandate, and where we’d actually walk the affirmative walk instead of just talk about it.
   For me personally, C.A.L.M is not a community which I "direct", but which I humbly serve. Insofar as we refer to C.A.L.M as a "ministry" you can rest assured; it is only a religion if you choose to make it so. Otherwise, it's simply a Conscious Affirmative Living Mindset, and we welcome you to join us and make it your own!

Claude La Vertu
Founder & Spiritual Director

Conscious Affirmative Living Mindset Assembly
The Conscious Affirmative Living Ministry is a progressive spiritual community observing Omnism; the practice of recognizingrespecting and celebrating all religions. Our scientific & spiritual foundation is rooted in the Bible and in all Affirmative, peacefulempoweringnon-oppressive aspects of all religions.

C.A.L.M's progressive Innately Affirmative practices are unlike any other you’ll find in mainstream “New Thought” organizations, but you’ll discover a comfortable familiarity with our philosophy if you’re remotely aware of the more progressive New Thought and/or Mind & Science researchers and teachers such as Gregg Braden, Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Ernest Holmes, Charles Fillmore, Emmett Fox, Neville Godard, Wallace Wattles, Napoleon Hill, Emma Curtis Hopkins, Prentice Mulford, Elizabeth Towne and William Walker Atkinson; among others.

C.A.L.M is for those genuinely endeavoring to live a truly enlightened life, discover their true self, heal their life, enjoy all the splendor that life has to offer, and be associated with, supported by, and support like-minded individuals along their path of enlightenment. You need not label yourself Omnist (or anything else) to participate. We're entirely inclusive; welcoming individuals of all faiths, those of no faith, and everyone in between.

The Conscious Affirmative Living Mindset is largely based on spiritual, religious and scientific principles rooted in the Bible, however, it's also a mindset of affirmative action in the realms of commitmentdiscipline and personal & global responsibility. We are not a religion, cult or sect, we do not hold “religious” status, and we are not directly affiliated with any religious or political group. We are an inclusive, multi/all-denominational spiritual support community that seeks to incorporate the Conscious Affirmative Living Mindset to all we do, and to set the example.

C.A.L.M is about compassionately challenging oneself and reaching beyond common spiritual & religious standards. Along with celebrating life, each other, ourselves and God (in whatever way one recognizes God)C.A.L.M is about community of spirit and of humanityC.A.L.M recognizes that each person’s journey–which is respected and protected in our community–is their own, but that our destination is the same: Enlightenment.

C.A.L.M's community services are offered to everyone regardless of faith. Participation in our beliefs or spiritual activities is not required or imposed. Our spiritual processes include; but are not limited to:

-Spiritual Fellowship & Worship Services
-Prayer & Prayer Meetings
-Meditation (Personal, Collective, Private, Public)
-Ministration (Personal, Collective, Private, Public)
-Conferences - Seminars - Workshops
-Community Involvement

We are an inclusive spiritual community; all are welcome here.
We respectfully request that guests and members please abstain from using profanity within our community.
Note: C.A.L.M is a spiritual support community and not a platform for promoting or discussing political views.
We respectfully request that those wishing to participate in political dialogue please do so outside of our community.
OurCulture - OurValues
-We recognize truths residing at the heart of all faiths, and we unite within, and live them, affirmatively.
-We recognize that there is One Conscious Affirmative Living "Source" that loves us wholly and completely.
-We recognize that all people are created equally, and equally important; equally loved by God.
-We recognize that all things are living, connected & divine.
-We are dedicated to strengthening personal commitment and discipline to spiritual awareness and action.
-We Give, Grow & Go by giving to our community and learning from - and with - our community.

Our Atlanta Spiritual Director
C.A.L.M U.S. Ambassador

Versandra Kennebrew
C.A.L.M is delighted and humbled to recognize internationally renowned author, speaker, coach and radio host, Minister Versandra Kennebrew, as our Atlanta Spiritual Director & C.A.L.M U.S. Ambassador. Versandra’s embodiment of the Conscious Affirmative Living Mindset coupled with her vast education and inestimable work experience in the fields of health, healing, recovery and helping people live their greatest lives, are among the greatest assets to the C.A.L.M community. Our gratitude for Versandra's generous gifts is immeasurable. We are honored...
A Mindset - A Philosophy - A Lifestyle
(Frequently Asked Questions)

What goes on at your Sunday Assembly meetings?
Our Sunday Assembly begins at 11:30am and consists of a standard church-like service with announcements, ministration (prayer) and enlightening spiritual messages that are practical, logical and empowering. We also participate in dialogue (Q&A Session) after the message so that those who have questions can get answers.
​NOTE: Always see our "Calendar/Event" page to Verify & Confirm if a meeting is taking place each week.
At 11:00am we host a 20-Minute Group Ministration; an intensive & empowering prayer/meditation/affirmation session. This unique “Inherently Affirmative” Ministration process is another factor that sets us apart from other spiritual communities. If you'd like to participate in the Group Ministration, please be on time. To avoid service disruption, our door closes at precisely 11:00am and re-opens at 11:25 for Sunday Service.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of our 20-Minute Ministration service (necessity for silence/minimal disruption), we are unable to host small children, however, all children are welcome at our General Sunday Service. We simply request that parents endeavor to keep disruptions to a minimum and kindly escort their child from the room if disruption persists. We thank everyone for their understanding and collaboration.

How can one be Omnist (observe all religions) when many practice judgment, oppression and the killing of living things (sacrificing animals for example) for sacrificial purposes?

C.A.L.M is not just Omnist; we’re Affirmatively Omnist. Although we respect all religions, we actually “recognize and observe” positivepeacefulnon-oppressive views and conduct of all religions; love, respect for others, respect for all of life. C.A.L.M does not recognize/observe/support practices of judgement, oppression or killing living things for religious purposes. Individuals who wish to support such practices are encouraged to seek out a community that aligns with such beliefs. 

Are You Christians?
Some of us are, some of us aren’t. Some believe that Jesus is God; others believe Jesus was the Son of God with a special task; others are discovering. Then there are others who observe different practices which are in alignment with Christianity; Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Religious Scientists, and yup, even agnostics who just want to be part of a great group of people working together to make the world a better place while learning to apply Conscious Affirmative Living Mindset concepts in their lives. We observe Omnism; recognizing, and respecting ALL religions.
Are you New Age?
We are a progressive spiritual community recognizing that most Bible teachings were – and are – “New Age”. They were advanced for their time, just as they are today. In fact, not only are the more progressive ideals on science and spirituality (law of attraction & cause and effect for example) in absolute alignment with the teachings of the Bible, but research clarifies that the more recent, progressive principles being taught today were originally taught by Jesus and are even evident in the Old Testament. (Note: Insofar as we recognize certain “New Age” perspectives, we do not participate in rituals requiring crystals, tarot, divination, fortunetelling, speaking in tongues, “angel work” and so forth. Those who participate in such rituals are welcome among us but are requested to not perform/promote such rituals within our community or sell ritualistic services to our members. C.A.L.M does not judge such practices; they are simply not in alignment with our mandate.)

Are you a "Science of Mind" church?
Insofar as we are a "New Thought" and "Mind & Science" community, and we recognize many of the same insights and philosophies as the Science of Mind organization and its founder, Ernest Holmes, we are not affiliated with the the Science of Mind organization. Like all people of all faiths, Science of Mind members/practitioners are perfectly welcome among us.

I have been rejected by other churches because of my personal issues or lifestyle.
We ask that individuals respect each other and our environment, but what goes on in your life is your business; that you know that God loves you and wants you to come home to Him is our business. Welcome Home!

I am gay or bi or trans-gender and/or married to the same sex. Am I welcome?
Newsflash: God loves you! Perfectly! Without judgement; without oppression. So do we. Nobody’s going to try to change you. Welcome Home!

I am a "Christian" who doesn't accept divorcees, drug addicts, alcoholics, gays or other sinners.
Newsflash: Then you’re not a Christian! The job of a Christian is to not judge, but to preach the gospel (word and action) and to remind everybody–sinners and righteous alike–that God loves them! The good thing is, God loves you! Perfectly! Without judgement; without oppression. So do we. Our community–our family–needs your love and compassion. Welcome Home!

Do I have to pay tithing?
Tithing is a personal process between you and God. Although we accept and rely on tithing to help support us, we don’t solicit tithing from anybody. Your tithing practices are between you and God.

But isn’t tithing an Old Testament thing?
Tithing is in fact in the New Testament:
“…not to leave the other (tithing) be undone” (Matt 23:23)
“…and not leave the other (tithing) undone”  (Luke 11:42)

But I’m not into biblical stuff; I’m more “new age” and don’t need to tithe.
The power of tithing is as much a scientific concept as it is a spiritual and religious one. Nothing creates abundance in one’s life better than the process of tithing. Beyond the rewards of tithing, people often feel that churches don’t need or shouldn’t accept money, however, every upstanding spiritual organization that has bills to pay and outreach programs to facilitate, needs the financial support of their members and participants in order to carry out their works in a world where money makes things happen as much for good as for bad. Again, nobody is obliged to pay tithing to our community. We do appreciate support from those who feel compelled to do so.

How do you use tithing & donations?
We use tithing to pay for expenses and community outreach programs and promotional endeavors. There is nobody currently employed by the ministry; all money truly goes to serve and help grow the ministry.

I'm spiritual but not religious.
The term religion means to "join" together or "connect". As such, anyone who claims to be spiritual must be religious about their spirituality. Don't confuse "religion" with "religious radicals" who have zero understanding of the true glory and magnificent love of God. You do not need to be "traditionally" religious in order to participate.

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