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20 Minute “Inherently Affirmative” Guided Ministration

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C.A.L.M’s Gay Bible Study Group


Throughout not merely centuries, but over several millennia, gays have endured, and continue to endure, a most deplorable form of persecution. The bulk of all gay persecution is bred and nourished by religious fanatics and “alleged” Christians; this underscored by the fact that there are more Christians than any other religion.

C.A.L.M recognizes that this persecution must stop, and that gays need a place where they are taught–or reminded–that they are loved by God; omnipotently and unconditionally; as they arewhere they areright nowwithout exception! C.A.L.M is honored to host a Bible-study group directed specifically at helping gays develop; or rekindle, a deep and loving relationship with God, without having to change a single thing.

C.A.L.M is able to amply serve this cause due to our progressive understanding of the scriptures. We take a loving approach to sharing these divine teachings; teachings which are loving, compassionate and above all, logical, as they were meant to be. As such, there is no form of oppression or suppression; just clear and concise teachings designed to instill and encourage self-love, self-acceptance, and above all, peace with one’s sexual identity.

This group is for gays, bisexuals, transgender individuals, and those questioning their sexuality. This is a prime opportunity for parents of gay/bi/transgender children who are seeking to better understand and make peace with their children, and who want to facilitate their own vital journey as parents of gay/bi/transgender children.

LOCATION: To Be Announced
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​Saturday, January 19, 2019 - 11:00am

Scientific Proof
of the 
Law Of Attraction

You have NOT read or heard this data anywhere before!

Understanding that the Law of Attraction does in fact exist is the first step to consciously harnessing its power in your life. Whether you’re an outright skeptic, or you just need to alleviate lingering doubts, or you absolutely ‘believe’ and want to acquire a simpler method of explaining the phenomenon, you MUST attend this event.

The undeniable PROOF has been staring us in the face all along!

Along with exposing misconceptions and myths being taught as "fact", you’ll learn about the law’s Factual Existence, along with additional facts about manipulating it in your favor; all presented with easy-to-grasp scientific proof that even a child can understand, but that no individual–spiritual, religious, scientific or otherwise–can deny.

-There is no charge to attend (donations to C.A.L.M appreciated).
-Please ensure telephones are turned off during service.
-Coffee/Tea/Refreshments will be served.
​-Location: 576 Rue Sainte-Catherine E. Suite 207, Montréal (QC) H2L 2E1.
-Please arrive on time to avoid disruptions (in order to best serve our guests, we do not permit late entry).
-We thank everyone for their collaboration.

We look forward to serving you!
~Your C.A.L.M Team


Saturday, Oct 6, 2018
1:00pm - 3:00pm
McGill University, Montréal (QC)
Tickets: SOLD OUT

On our journey towards the fruition of our dreams and goals, we consistently hear much about the confidence, dedication and persistence required to succeed at any worthwhile endeavor, but rarely, if ever, do we hear anything about the actual COURAGE it takes to truly succeed.

Join us at "The Courage to Succeed” and discover how the link between one’s level of courage and one’s likelihood of succeeding at anything is directly connected, and, discover easy ways to tap into the courage that's already embedded deep within you.

Out of respect for all participants, we request the following:
-Please RSVP
-Please honor your RSVP
-Please arrive on time
-Please shut off your phone

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